[rescue] Two Sun Keyboards (+misc other stuff) in DC area

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Wed Nov 29 12:35:08 CST 2006


Anyone want a Sun Type 5c or Type 6 keyboard? Both with mini-DIN
connectors. Pickup in NW, Washington DC. Both look to be clean and in
good shape, but haven't been used in a _long_ time.

And while I'm sending this out, I'd like to get this stuff out of my
apartment -

  SS5, 110 MHz CPU, no memory or disk
  SS20, no CPUs, 512 Mb (?) memory
  Aurora-chassis CD-ROM
  Two or three SBUS framebuffers (CG6s, I think?)
  A 13W3 -> VGA converter
  Numerous serial cables (mostly 25<->9, some 25<->25 I think)


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