[rescue] Anyone interested in a Sun E3000?

Brian Howe bwhowe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 14:53:50 CST 2006

Amen to that.... the old computer part, not the beautiful in MD part :)

Living out in CA is really not helping my chances on this box in any way.

On 11/28/06, Doug Simmons <dsimmons at lib.siu.edu> wrote:
> Oh, to be in Maryland...
> I hear it's BEAUTIFUL this time of year!
> :-)
> Doug "never met an old computer I didn't like" Simmons
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> Subject: [rescue] Anyone interested in a Sun E3000?
> Hello,
> I have a Sun Enterprise 3000 that I would like to get rid off.  I'd like
> to get $50 for it but I'm flexible.
> Specifications:
> Four 167Mhz UltraSPARC 1 processors (on 2 CPU boards)
> 384MB RAM
> CG6 equivalent graphics (I believe it is a UPA board)
> 1 SCA SCSI drive (appears to be a 2GB)
> Internal Exabyte tape drive
> Internal CD-ROM
> I/O board with 2 serial, parallel, Ethernet and what appears to be FDDI
> Two power supplies
> The backplane has 16 drive bays.  It accepts low or mid profile SCA
> drives on standard Sun spud brackets.  Machine powers up fine, OpenBoot
> PROM comes up normally after diagnostics.  For what it is, the system is
> pretty quiet with all the fans going.  It does include the keys for the
> bay access door and power switch.
> The machine is located in Silver Spring, MD.  Pick up preferred but I
> can deliver within a reasonable distance of the Metro Washington DC
> area.  This is the machine only (no keyboard, mouse or monitor).
> Any takers?  E-mail off-list.
> Matt
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