[rescue] found source for HP 9000 power supply

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Nov 27 16:45:40 CST 2006

>>power on for a second and then turn off. A helpful lister supplied me 
>>with a link to a repair procedure that might have fixed it, but didn't 
>>work. No big deal, it was a 75-cent part form Mouser, and got me hooked 
>>up with them.
>>I got back to that project again recnetly and started looking for a PS. 
>>A couple of people had said these were really hard/expensive to find. I 
>>found one on eBay for $45 + $16 shipping, and in my poking around, I 
>>found a company in NH that has 9000/715 power supplies for $50 in case 
>>anyone is interested.
> Well, tell us, for the archives!
> I've got a 9000/7?? that I'm sure I'm going to need parts for one of
> these days.

Oh all right, if you insist. ;-)

bob at alimartech.com        (603) 679-2990 - Phone
Alimar Technology Corp    (603) 679-2550 - Fax
309 State Route 125
Brentwood, NH 0 3833

Got a couple of friendly emails from these guys, and a price quote in an 
email as soon as I gave them enough detail to find the part.

I had them confused with another outfit in southern NH which also had HP 
parts. I don't know if the other company is still around or not, but 
these guys have been there since '99.


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