[rescue] DSL Modem question, is it worth getting a Cisco?

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Mon Nov 27 07:24:41 CST 2006

Peter Porter wrote:
> Somewhat unrelated to the topic of rescue, but I'm hoping someone can 
> offer some advice anyway (and these modems seems harder to come by, so 
> maybe it is rescue... hmm...)
> I have Qwest ADSL service in Colorado with an Actiontec 701-WG modem 
> with a block of static IP's.  I've had pretty reliable issues with 
> needing to hard reset the modem once or twice a week and high enough 
> packet loss to make VOIP irritating at times.  I'm wondering if anyone 
> has experience with other perhaps more reliable ADSL modems.  I've seen 
> a few from Cisco that look promising (a consumer 678 and higher end 
> 827/837), but don't really want to throw my money away on something that 
> may not be particularly better than what I have.  Also, it seems 
> impossibly difficult to find straightforward information on ADSL hardware...
> Does anyone have any experience with these or otherwise helpful 
> knowledge?  I'd greatly appreciate it!
> Thanks,
> Peter
No experience with Cisco, but I've been using a Zyxel 645M (bridge-mode
only) for going on 4 years with no problems. It originally came with my
Covad installation kit, but I've been using it since I moved to
SBC/AT&T/Yahoo DSL. I've had to reset the modem once or twice a year
since I've had it.

I've considered getting a Cisco 678 cheaply off epay, but the Zyxel has
been so solid that I'd be leery to replace it before it dies.

As another datapoint, $WORK uses a Netopia/Cayman DSL router, also on
AT&T/Yahoo DSL. This router has to be hard reset anywhere from several
times a week to once a month, and sometimes it has what I assume to be
packet loss - dropped SSH sessions, etc.

- Mike

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