[rescue] IRIX 6.2, demos, TRS-80 programming book anyone want?

Greg Nesbitt gnesbitt at sapphyre.org
Sun Nov 26 12:01:02 CST 2006

I found some interesting items in the attic this morning that need to 
go.  Yours in exchange for a buck or two to cover shipping, or a promise 
of a beer next time I head your way.

1) IRIX 6.2, 2 CD set, SGI P/N 813-0469-001.  2 copies - 1 still in 
shrinkwrap, the other opened.

2) Impact Demos CD 6.2, SGI P/N 813-0527-001.  Still in shrinkwrap.  2 

3) How to Write a Program, Vol. II: Advanced Programming Techniques for 
the Apple, IBM-PC, and TRS-80, by Ed Faulk.  I think I bought this book 
maybe 20 years ago in the last months of my TRS-80 phase (price tag 
originally $14.95, but was marked down to 2.99).  Covers mostly BASIC 

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