[rescue] DSL Modem question, is it worth getting a Cisco?

Peter Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Sun Nov 26 00:34:55 CST 2006

Somewhat unrelated to the topic of rescue, but I'm hoping someone can 
offer some advice anyway (and these modems seems harder to come by, so 
maybe it is rescue... hmm...)

I have Qwest ADSL service in Colorado with an Actiontec 701-WG modem 
with a block of static IP's.  I've had pretty reliable issues with 
needing to hard reset the modem once or twice a week and high enough 
packet loss to make VOIP irritating at times.  I'm wondering if anyone 
has experience with other perhaps more reliable ADSL modems.  I've seen 
a few from Cisco that look promising (a consumer 678 and higher end 
827/837), but don't really want to throw my money away on something that 
may not be particularly better than what I have.  Also, it seems 
impossibly difficult to find straightforward information on ADSL hardware...

Does anyone have any experience with these or otherwise helpful 
knowledge?  I'd greatly appreciate it!


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