[rescue] Happy Thanksgiving!

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Fri Nov 24 02:06:19 CST 2006

On Nov 23, 2006, at 18:51, Sridhar Ayengar wrote:

> To all of those in the US, happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I just completed T-day  
dinner four of five (Mine, Family1, Family2, Brother-in-law's; number  
five is Sister's.)

I love this week :).

I have to share - in mine, which I did on Sunday, I ate with the rest  
of the house that I live in (25 other students, mostly, in a big  
house near campus). We had 44 pounds of turkey, 22 gallons of mashed  
potatoes, 12 pie plates of sweet potatoes + brown sugar and pecans  
(my contribution), a trash bag half-full of salad, and a trash can  
completely full of iced tea + 5 pounds of sugar. We served 50 people  
on tables in our driveway. It was awesome.

  - Micah

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