[rescue] For all the Model M keyboard fans:

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Mon Nov 20 20:55:46 CST 2006

At 08:04 PM 11/20/2006 -0600, Bill Bradford wrote:
>Right now on all my Macs I'm using Unicomp USB "Customizer 104" keyboards
>have the Windows key(s) - they easily remap to the Mac-specific keys.
>Unicomp bought the rights to the "Clicky Keyboard"/"Model M" from Lexmark,
>and is the current producer of them if you want a brand new one.

I've got one of the Unicomp "on-the-stick" (no silly winblows keys for me!)
keyboards here at the house.  I've never adjusted to using the stick, though.

To my ears, my Unicomp is slightly quieter than the classic Model Ms I've
used.  And it doesn't have the detachable cord.


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