[rescue] Indy & LCD

Brooke Gravitt gravitt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 10:03:15 CST 2006

On 11/20/06, Ethan O'Toole <ethan at 757tech.net> wrote:
> Make sure you have a ps/2 keyboard connected to the keyboard port, or else
> it will default to serial port #1 (a mac style connector).

I have an SGI PS/2 keyboard on it :)

> It is sync-on-green, although some video cards from SGI allow you to
> override some of the settings in the PROM. Not sure how flexible the
> Indy's video card is in this regard.

> It might be a matter of pinout as well. I've heard some of the 13w3 to VGA
> cables for Suns don't work on SGIs, and vice versa.

Weird. I've used both my old Sun 20" CRT (13W3) and a 19" VGA CRT
w/13w3 adapter. I'm using the same adapter now, I just don't have the
CRTs anymore.

I haven't booted him for a good while, it could be that there is some
other problem. I *think* I have a RS422 -to- RS232 mac cable here
somewhere. If I can find it, I'll see if I can get anything off the



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