[rescue] Book rescued

M Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Sat Nov 18 07:38:22 CST 2006

I picked up some very nice reference books from a regional library 
for 1 Euro per kilogram.

I also picked up the following from a corporate library for free:
Basics of Digital Computers, John Murphy, 1958
         Vacuum tube circuits and core memory!
Computers and How The Work, James Fahnestock, 1959
Understanding Digital Computers, Paul Siegel, 1961
Memoirs of a Computer Pioneer, Maurice Wilkes, 1985

>I got a 1954 printing of "As A Man Thinks" by Thomas J. Watson today.
>I "rescue" old computer and related books, and this is my newest
>addition. I found this one on ebay, though I rarely find them there. I
>have to run long-term searches to get them most of the time.
>Something I've discovered is that local libraries frequently sell of
>"junk" books by the inch, very cheaply.

Michael Thompson
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