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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Nov 17 00:12:52 CST 2006

[it's nearly a motnh old...going through back mail.]

>>> [...] power strip that does 220v (split) in and 110v out.
>> I think your neutral will need to be twice as big
> so neutral conductor size equal on one leg is always sufficient

True only for resistive loads and loads of (approximately) equal
reactance.  But if, for example, one side is loaded purely inductively
and the other purely capacitively, the neutral will be carrying current
equal to the sum of the currents on the two hots.

(Of course, this is a contrived example.  Such loads are so unlikely
that I would expect even electrical codes, which are by nature
consevative about such things, to not specify a neutral heavier than
the hots.)

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