[rescue] FS: SGI Indigo 2

Lucyen Gabbard lucyen at uark.edu
Thu Nov 16 14:22:23 CST 2006

>> I *gave away* oh, 12-15 Indigo 2s a couple of years ago.  I had a hard 
>> I think something that says an I2 is worth $300, is either outdated or 
>> smoking something *really* good. 8-)

>Maybe if it was just the right setup, like R10k, 768 or 1 gig ram,
Hi-Impact + 4MB Tram, FC-AL external RAID, and the >Impact Video For
>Indigo2 card...

>Even then you would probably need connections to get good price for it.

The problem with fixing prices on older technology items is that it can vary
rampantly depending on buyer and seller timeframes and motivations.

I'll use for example, eBay.  There are many companies on eBay who specialize
in nothing more than raping you when for some oddball reason you should need
a PA-8000 processor for your HP J282.  And then there's people who just want
to get rid of their old HP J282 because they are tired of trying to find HVD
drives for a computer that can cook a mean T-bone to hot pink center
perfection, but can't run an open source SQL server as fast as a modern
Wal*Mart computer.

Of course, I have been acused before of comprimising computational
performance for massive size and electrical bills...

-Luke Gabbard

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