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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu Nov 16 01:16:17 CST 2006

>> Compare the size of sys/arch/ with the size of the rest of sys/
>> sometime....
> On my FreeBSD machine, sys is 100MB, the arch dirs are around 8MB.

Wow.  How many arches does it support?

> Alas, I have removed my /usr/src on NetBSD because I'm out of space
> there.

> What is the ratio there?

Obviously, the exact numbers depend on which NetBSD rev you look at.

The most convenient for me is the 1.4T I froze at in 2000; for that, du
reports that sys takes 78198 of which sys/arch accounts for 42790;
sys/arch is just a hair over 54.72% of sys.

I've also been supping -current; for that, sys takes 161206, of which
73285 is sys/arch, making the arch/ files about 45.46% of the total.
(Interesting; despite the new ports, there's proportionately more MI
code now.  I don't know whether this indicates good refactoring or just
that the MI code is bloa^Wgrowing faster than new ports are appearing.)

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