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>>>> Again, it never happens when hooked to a PC, even with the same
>>>> operating system running.
>>> How do you manage to run the same OS on CPU architectures as widely
>>> disparate as x86 and SPARC?
>> I believe Solaris runs on both platforms... ;^)
> Solaris/intel and Solaris/sparc aren't the same OS any more than a  
> Ford Mustang and a Ford Taurus are the same car.

I have installed Linux on Alpha, Sparc and x86 though that was a  
number of years ago. I am positive that the kernels were different  
and do not recall the details of the installs ... It is commonly  
reported that OpenBSD runs on a number of divergent platforms too, as  
does NetBSD ...
I do not understand why you resist the concept that a properly  
managed piece of code (the OS in this case) can not be portable.

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