[rescue] DEC keyboards

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Nov 15 05:29:13 CST 2006

> One oddity I do see: I frequently find the terminal gets a lot of
> ????? all over the screen, the indicator that it is unable to keep up
> with the serial port.

> However, it only happens when used on Sun equipment.  At 38.4Kbps,
> the terminal drops characters on my U2.

> At 115Kbps on my PC, it never misses a beat.

My guess is that the PC supports real hardware handshaking (eg,
RTS/CTS) and the Sun doesn't, and the temrinal is using that to prevent
overruns.  (I assume a screenful of text doesn't draw anything like as
fast as 115Kbps would seem to imply?  That is, it definitely is getting
flow-controlled down?)  Whether the Sun support is missing because of
hardware or software issues is a separate issue.

> Again, it never happens when hooked to a PC, even with the same
> operating system running.

How do you manage to run the same OS on CPU architectures as widely
disparate as x86 and SPARC?

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