[rescue] DEC keyboards

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Wed Nov 15 00:52:10 CST 2006

 > > > You mean block mode as in page oriented terminal, or something else?
 > > 
 > > Yes.  Page-oriented.  I doubt it's possible, but on the off chance, I'd 
 > > like to use it that way.
 > Some of the IBM terminals also have an AS/400 mode.

Televideo 925/950 terminals had a block mode, as did the Esprit 6310
(and probably others; I had one of the Esprit 132 column, dual serial
port models for a while, anyone remember its model number?) emulation
of same.  There are probably lots of others.  Short of 3270 and 5250
environments, you probably always have to write application code to
support block mode.  The Televideos just sent the contents of any
unprotected field all run together, so it was quite simple to slice
it apart.  Hell, we did it in COBOL, shudder.  Including nipping off
the <ESC>S at the beginning of the buffer if they didn't shift the
escape to make it local.


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