[rescue] x86 power question

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Tue Nov 14 17:23:26 CST 2006

I have an x86 power question...

I was given a server (Gateway ALR 7200) that I'd like to goof with
for a while (SNMP baby) but it won't power up.  It's likely the power
supply but I don't know how to identify power supplies in PC hardware
any more.  It appears to use two connectors for the motherboard.  One
is what I recall as the standard ATX connector (2 rows of 10 pins each)
and the other looks like an AT connector (1 row of 6 or 8 pins).  What
type of power supply is it?

The motherboard will take dual PII or PIII cpus which I have from a
previous dual PII-350 machine whose power supply died but it took a funky
multi-connector power supply from IBM I wasn't able to replace for a
reasonable price so it went into the dumpster.  I saved the memory, cpus,
drives, etc, so this would let me resurrect it.


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