[rescue] Sun Blackbox?

Lucyen Gabbard lucyen at uark.edu
Mon Nov 13 15:39:30 CST 2006

>> I had the idea a while ago, if I was rich... I could buy a locomotive
>> and railcars, and put together a lanparty vacation. Like geek 
>> cruises, only on train tracks. Participants get picked up, with PC in
>> hand, and join...
> I had a similar idea with the aircraft carrier that was on sale a few 
> years ago. I even got to the point of writing a >three page business 
> plan, but could not find anyone to market it for me. :-(

I operate a monthly lan-party type event in one of our computer labs.
(see http://wolfnight.uark.edu/playstats.php?handle=Stadt%20C )  Why move
the building when you can just bring the network?  I have a CableTron
SmartSwitch 6000 with 5 6H202-24 fast ethernet blades, and a 4U computer for
NAT (if needed) mounted in an Anvil portable equipment rack with pnumatic

> The problem with geek cruises are they are really just a regular 
> cruise on a regular ship with a few geek activities thrown in. The 
> infrastructure that geeks would want does not exist on the ship, and 
> there are often too many nongeeks.

I've never been on a geek cruise... I've never even been to any serious
land-based gaming event.  I've only been on regular cruises from the US
departing to western and eastern carribean destinations -- though May
2007 promises a mediterranean cruise.  Modern ships have wireless networks,
but do not appear to have high speed wire networks for passenger use.  Since
the ships I have sailed on have had sub-megabit
(128Kb/s) internet connectivity and passengers will likely be accessing
internet services, there is no need for wired networking on a vessel.

--Lucyen Gabbard

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