[rescue] Sun Blackbox?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Mon Nov 13 10:01:47 CST 2006

On Nov 13, 2006, at 10:53 AM, Lionel Peterson wrote:

>> From: Sandwich Maker <adh at an.bradford.ma.us>
>> Date: 2006/11/12 Sun PM 08:06:50 CST
>> To: rescue at sunhelp.org
>> Subject: Re: [rescue] Sun Blackbox?
>> " From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at tandem.artell.net>
>> "
>> " Some day, ages and ages hence, imagine rescuing one of these:
>> " http://www.sun.com/emrkt/blackbox/story.jsp
>> "
>> " I predict a wave of divorces, myself.
>> 1. leave it on the wheels and tell her it's a portable
>> 2. they don't take up much space because you can stack them 5 high
> I wonder what the Ca recycling fee would be for this box - I wonder 
> ifg it constitutes a single entity, becuse it has one SKU ;^)

I think you could put speakers and a podium on top, have a folding 
aluminum ladder/stairway, and use it at political demonstrations or 
other rallies.  The equipment inside would always be good enough for 
any video or audio recording you wanted.

Then you would have a SoapBox instead of a Blackbox!


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