[rescue] x86 power question

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 09:52:43 CST 2006

I'm still wrestling my x86 box...and have another question.

I actually got out the DMM and measured my +12V and +5V rails under
load.  I discovered the +5V was low enough to be out of spec.  (+12V
is rock solid.)  I'm pretty surprised, as the PSU is a higher end
Antec True Power 550W, so I have a query in about a warranty repair.

Anywa, my question...could sagging power damage the motherboard and/or disks?

I ripped the power hog ATI 9800 video card out and put in the older
one I had, and the +5V stabilized and came into spec, but I am still
seeing boot disk issues.  Oddly, the disks connected to the RAID card
(both powered by the same PSU) are showing zero problems, so I am
wondering if the low voltage damaged the on-board IDE chip set rather
than the disks.

CPU seems ok, machine posts even in the low voltage condition.

I don't have another x86 box I can use to run the bootable Seagate
tools to test the disk directly connected to an IDE chain, and I don't
think the Windows based Seagate tools will work on drives connected
via a USB or FW bridge.  I should probably just bite the bullet and
buy a new mobo, given the age of the system but my SA gene wants to
know the root cause.


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