[rescue] DEC keyboards

Steve Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Mon Nov 13 01:55:55 CST 2006

> They were PS/2 interfaced keyboards, and almost as heavy as an IBM
> Model M. They didn't click like the IBM, but they were mechanical
> keyswitches with a very good feel to them.

It sounds like you're describing classic DEC LK201 keyboards, as were
shipped with the VT220, VAXstations, Rainbow, Pro 3x0's, etc. But I
don't think I ever ran across any true DEC gear had such a keyboard
with a PS/2 interface...  Can you think of what you saw/used one with?

What came to mind was the DECpc 433 WS, a somewhat odd beast that I've
only ever seen one example of. I adopted the orphan and used it on my
desk for a few months around 1995. Two slim pizza boxes, but I can't
remember anything about the keyboard.

Here's a testamonial that's supposed to be from the following URL, but
I seem to be having trouble reaching it tonight:


   The DECpc 433 WS, the first "real" PC from Digital (discounting the
   dreadful rebadged Olivettis before that and the VAXmate). The DECpc
   433 WS was a sweet machine at the time, manufactured by Intel for
   DEC from DEC's specifications. Built-in TIGA graphics, built-in
   Ethernet and built-in SCSI. All in a very slim and elegant box...
   sold well, too.

Poster was one Gunnar Helliesen <gunnar at bitcon.no>.


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