[rescue] old DEC gear wanted

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Nov 10 08:38:28 CST 2006

>From: "Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net>
>Date: 2006/11/09 Thu PM 11:04:05 CST
>To: rescue at sunhelp.org
>Subject: [rescue] old DEC gear wanted

>Checking to see if anyone out there has any of the following they would be
>willing to part with... and if so, how much/etc...


>DEC Professional Workstation 380 (PRO-380)
>or other suitable (not overly LARGE) PDP11 class box for home

I just gave away last April a Pro 350 w/enhanced video (color), a color monitor, mono monitor, keyboard and vertical stand for the princely sum of $0 to a fellow that was willing to carry it away.

It had the last public version of PO/S installed, and I had seen it boot (but that was at Dave McGuire's house in DC, so it was a few years ago)...

It was a neat box, but it seemed like a huge collection of compromises to make a desktop PDP-11...

I always thought the Heathkit LSI-11 system was interesting, but that was expensive back in the day...


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