[rescue] Anyone want Dell PowerEdges?

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 22:09:15 CST 2006

I bought a lot of Dell PowerEdges, I am going to keep one to run SAP and
Linux on, the rest I want to offer to you guys and if they don't go then
they'll hit the local auction market:

Here is the specs, they all work fine, I put 2003 Enterprise with a
legitimate volume license on each one to test:

- PowerEdge 1650 2x1.4ghz 1GB RAM 2x36GB 10K W2K 5CAL AE
- PowerEdge 1650 1x1.26ghz 1.5GB RAM 36GB 10K, AccuRide Rails
- PowerEdge 1550 2x1ghz 1GB RAM 36GB 10K
- PowerEdge 1550 2x933ghz 1GB RAM 36GB 10K W2K 5CAL AE
- PowerEdge 1550 2x933ghz 1GB RAM 36GB 10K

I have special boxes to ship these in, shipping is about $45 via UPS/ea.

Since this is rescue, make me offers if you are interested.

-- Aaron Finley

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