[rescue] overclocking a blade 100 to a 150

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Thu Nov 2 12:15:55 CST 2006

sorry about the Subject line. this is freebsd and it does not give you an
editable header to work with. at least  the tec support man says so.

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:From: Micah R Ledbetter <vlack-lists at vlack.com>
:Subject: [rescue] Can I put a 550 or 650 MHz CPU in my Sun Blade 100?
:To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
:As discussed about a month ago, my Sun Blade 100 is now up and  
:running, thanks to a lister who sent me a CPU since mine was dead. I  
:am wondering, though... this page:
:	http://www.anysystem.com/desktops-sun-blade-100.html
:says that it offered a 550 or 650 MHz CPU. Though it seems  to me  
:that it is talking about the Sun Blade 150, it would be cool if the  
:faster CPUs will work in the SB100. Are they?
:  - Micah

there is something called the unofficial blade 100 faq. in it overclocking is
discussed. an individual blade 100 can be overclocked jumping by 50mhz per
step, and after you get to a level whcih does not work you back off one step.
sometimes you get to 600mhz, sometimes not.

there is one production line for the cpus. they are then tested and put into
two boxes. one says 650mhz, the other 500mhz. 

 however, there is a distribution of speeds which the  product can achieve.
all the 650s achieve 650. so eventually both a 550mhz 100 and a slower 150
were sold. same box, different sorting of the cpus.

if on a certain day, all the cpus tested for the 650 box,  but 500s were
needed, guess what went into the 500 box?

so you can try overclocking, but read the faq and understand what it says on
this subject first.

sun is not unique in this. it is a law of nature.

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