[rescue] Last Call for ordering your Alpha system

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Nov 1 08:17:09 CST 2006

(Following up, I think I missed a few emails):

> > > Aw, ethan, tell me that's not black hole, I hate you.....

Yes, Black Hole... trying to get it working. I thought I was close to
actually getting a game to start... now there are all sorts of issues on
the switch matrix ICs. I've gotta order new chips and high grade sockets.

I've got a huge collection of not-quite-working machines:
Galaga - ROM/RAM errors
Ms Pac Man - needs connector replacement then should be good
Mortal Kombat 4 - monitor brightness (bad solder joint)
Black Hole - CPU issues I think
Wizards of Wor - dead, watchdog keeps resetting CPU?
Out of sight (pinball) - totally electromechanical. Just needs cleaning I
Gorgar pin - CPU locked up on previous owner, burned out coils and driver
   board (need to rework CPU board and replace board to board connector)
Star Trek The Next Gen (pin) - reset issues (capacitor, connector or diode
Twilight Zone pin - reet issue, same as above.

9 machines, none work right :-)

It's all craigslist fault! I had 2 pins... and have been watching
craigslist, and things sort of got out of control rapidly :-)

> > What *I* want is a full-size Gauntlet.
> > Right now I have to live/deal with it on MAME.

Gauntlet would be hot! video games really decreased in prices recently. I
hope to trade the Wizards of Wor or Black Knight pin playfield for a
Donkey Kong game... That is the one I'd really like.

> I had almost gotten "Wizard needs food badly" removed from my memory
> after all these years, and now you've set me back.

haha man that game was cool.

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