[rescue] FS: Long SCSI cables (EMC/Sun), RusselStoll Power

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed May 31 22:31:51 CDT 2006

Hello, I have 3 of these Sun SCSI cables that are fairly long. They are 68
pin male to that ... the small connector found on many higher end SCSI
cards. Name escapes me, I've been away from that stuff too long. It's a
mini Centronics looking thing used on the SGI XIO scsi cards that are
quad connector, some Compaq Smartarray, some Sun cards... Prob LVD.
Definitly differential given the length.

I have 3 Sun ones, and at least 2 black EMC ones (maybe one or two more).
Can get picture for anyone interested.
$70 + shipping sound okay?


Next up, Russell Stoll power cables.

There are brand new, I've got 12 of them for sale.
Male end is 3750DP/F35447A
30A 600VAC 50/60HZ
Blue plastic, environmental seal

Female end is 3933/F35520
30A 259VAC 50/60HZ
Grey metal
Cable looks to be about 6'

Most likely used for EMC, DEC or other racks of computer equipment.
1 taken out of box for inspection, 11 still in box. Never connected.

Asking $30 each + shipping (I think they are used with some APC UPS
systems too).

Picture availible upon request.


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