[rescue] [Fwd: Sun Storage Array, yet again]

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Wed May 31 12:31:21 CDT 2006

Ahmed Ewing wrote:
> IIRC, The SSA 219s can run on a single PSU. However, this is considered 
> a hardware fault condition and will cause the corresponding LED on the 
> front to be lit for the missing PSU. It also will trigger an audible 
> alarm; however, I think if you hit the alarm reset button it will turn 
> that off until the next time the array is power cycled.
> I don't believe these are like T3 arrays, where you have a 30-min time 
> limit for a missing FRU to be re-added or an auto-shutdown occurs... 
> you *should* be able to run indefinitely on a single PSU, albeit with 
> no redundancy. I have not used one of these in a long while, though.
> Hope that helps...

Thanks!  That's *exactly* the issue I was concerned about!


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