[rescue] Searching for some obscure OS distros / software...

Ahmed Ewing aewing at townisp.com
Wed May 31 12:13:31 CDT 2006

Hi all, would anyone be able to help me find a copy of the following? 
Images/dumps are perfectly acceptable for any...

- Sys4-3.2 (any release variant ["L", "FCS", "_REV2"]... QIC?)
- SunOS/SVR4 Test Platform or Development and Test Platform (CD-ROM; I 
believe these were two separate releases)
- SunOS 4.0.3 for MC68010 (QIC-24 preferred if it exists... or was this 
only a 1/2" reel release?)
- Any other beta/internal Sun software CD-ROM or tape, of pretty much 
any vintage

Thanks in advance for any leads... they would be headed to a loving, 
"living museum" of a home... and yeah, some of these are nearly as old 
as I am :)



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