[rescue] Friend needs storage solution

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 30 12:51:40 CDT 2006

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> Steve Sandau wrote:
>>A friend at work here was/is using FreeNAS for just that purpose. It's a 
>>  free Linux-based NAS distribution that uses any hardware that Linux 
>>can handle (AFAIK). He's using software RAID, but it may do hardware 
>>RAID as well, since I know there are Linux drivers for some RAID cards.
>>Sounds like it's free and simple to use (two of my personal favorites).
> It's FreeBSD, not Linux, and I would hardly consider FreeNAS to be easy
> to use *or* feature-complete.  Setting up a software-RAID volume was
> non-intuitive last I used it (there have bee no major releases since).

Sorry for the mis-information about the OS. I assumed (yeah, I know) 
from a couple of things he said that it was Linux.

My friend is not necessarily particularly Unix-savvy, but said it was 
pretty easy to set up, so I figured it might really be so.

Is this possibly one of those things where a little more information and 
expertise on the user's part makes things more difficult? I find that to 
be the case with Windows for instance. I know the technical terms for 
things, but Windows seems to try to use "user-friendly" terms that have 
no meaning to me.

Some things try to hard to be useable by anyone who is clueless, that 
they become unusable by anyone with a clue...


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