[rescue] FS/FT: AlphaServer 4100, Mac G3, etc. (Colorado Springs)

Peter Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Mon May 29 09:32:23 CDT 2006

I have a few items that have been hanging around in our workout room 
and, as of cleaning the house this weekend, need to find new homes.  
Make me an offer on any of it, cost of shipping or more--though I'd like 
to get a few dollars for the AS4100.  I'd like to get rid of it all in 
the next two weeks or so.  Let me know if you've got anything to trade!  
I could use any 1U/2U sized server, or a good physical condition O2 or 

We're located in the Colorado Springs, CO area (80901) -- in Divide 
(80814), actually, but are often down in the springs.

1) AlphaServer 4100 that I've been hanging onto for a while now that 
needs to find a new home.  Best offer in the next week or two takes it!  
Has: * AS4100 box w/diagnostics card, * 3 PSU's, * 1G RAM (4 x 256M), * 
2 x 533mhz 21164a processors (one had a bad fan).  However, no video or 
scsi cards in the box, I'm not sure what will work in it.  It's heavy 
and probably shipping prohibitive, so local pickup would be best.

2) Mac G3 (Beige) 300Mhz.  CD, Zip drive, scsi card, vram upgrade (I 
believe), ethernet.  No memory or hard drive.

3) WYSE WinTerm 3350SE.  Runs Windows CE.  Missing 5v power brick, but 
otherwise seems intact!

4) Asus P2B-F ATX P3 motherboard.  It probably still works, but I 
haven't used it in a few years.

5) Dual P2 motherboard with two P2/300mhz processors.  A little flaky 
last time I used it, but could have been due to my power supply.

6) HP AdvanceStack Switching Hub (10BT) 24 port hub.  Complete with 
rack-mount ears!

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