[rescue] cleaning house: part one

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Sun May 28 19:05:10 CDT 2006

the mess is getting to be too much for me, so i am trying to pass on a
lot of rescue type stuff tp those who can use them. trades would be
welcome. i am moving up from the sparcstation era to the ultras and
maybe, with any luck, to the sun blades.

offers accepted, starting at actual shipping cost.

quantity	item

1		595-3286 sun 811 external box: houses up to four
		         scsi 50pin hard drives. has one of the metal
			 what-do-you-call-thems which hold a drive in
			 place. i used little plastic bumpers to hold
			 three others in place. the sort you use for
1		USRobotics 33.6 Courier modem
2		Seagate SCSI ST19171N 1.5" high hard drives
2		Seagate SCSI ST12400N 1.5" high jard drives
2		Seagate SCSI ST31200N 1" high hard drives
1		Seagate SCSI ST32430N 1" high hard drive
1		IBM SCSI DPES-310190  1" high 1gig hard drive
1		Fujitsu SCSI M2952ES  1" high 2gig hard drive
1		Quantum Atlas 10kII SCA 1.5 73gig jard drive: it
		runs, but i can't get it formatted for a sun machine.
		maybe you can.
2		300-1038 Sun 85watt power supply for sparcstations
		1,1+,2, new, never used.
2		Sun floppy drives for sparcstation 2(?) (maybe others)
		each has its plastic mounting tray. i can't find a
		part number on these.
10		501-1785 16mb 80ns memory sticks
5		no-name 16mb memory sticks which worked in a sparcstation10
13		501-2273 16mb 80ns memory sticks
5		501-2622 32mb 60ns memory sticks (SS10/20, Ultra1/2/30/60 and
		various E machines)
2		501-2479 16mb 60ns memory sticks
1		501-2219 03REV51 SM40 40mhz cpu
1		501-2607 SM51 50mhz 1meg cache cpu
2		501-2352 SM51 50mhz 1meg cache cpu

that's enough for this first attempt to clean out my work-space.
lots more to go. (i have four parts sparcstations 10s, and four fully
functional ones, one sparcstation 2, and one 1+ upgraded to a 2 (it so
reports itself) the latter with a weitek chip. both have 96megs ram
and are fully functional. how many 10s i will keep around for
nostalsgia's sake i don't know.)

i could use, in trade for any of this, a motherboard for an ultra-2
which would support faster cpus than the 300 limit on mine, and some
of the 400 mhz cpus to put on that board, a working cdrom drive for
the same ultra-2. or a reasonable sunblade 100would be of interest.
money could go either way.

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