[rescue] [Fwd: Sun Storage Array, yet again]

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sat May 27 19:54:43 CDT 2006

[Belatedly occurred to me that I should have Cc'd this list
as well... <:-(  ]

I have two of these:


Each has a pair of PSU's in it.  I assume for redundancy.
However, the PSU's in one unit are strappable 110/220VAC
while those in the other unit are 220VAC.  <frown>

If the PSU's are just redundant and aren't actively load
sharing, then I *should* be able to swap one 110/220VAC
for a 220VAC and run each array off a single supply
(taking care to hack the sense signal for the second
supply so the array doesn't continually report a supply

Am I missing anything here?  Granted, the two supplies
possibly *do* share the load as a side-effect in normal
operation.  But, I assume the intent was for a single PSU
to be capable of powering the entire device in the event of
a failure in the "other" PSU?


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