[rescue] blue iMac and Verizon DSL

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed May 24 23:19:10 CDT 2006

Tue, 23 May 2006 @ 22:53 -0400, Phil Stracchino said:

> Simple.  Verizon DSL "tech support" are drooling imbeciles.  With the
> exception of the one time the first DSL bridge (well, actually, it'as a
> router that I've configured as a bridge) they sent us failed, we have
> yet to have a Verizon DSL outage that wasn't Verizon's fault, and we
> have yet to have a Verizon DSL outage in which Verizon DSL tech support
> did not, during the course of figuring out that the problem was on their
> side of the local loop, manage to blow away our authentication
> information and have to totally reset it.  (On at least one of those
> occasions, I actually *told them* what was wrong.  Naturally, they
> didn't believe me.)

You could simply run this:

	s/Verizon DSL/Cox Cable/g

...and the paragraph would still be correct.

If you have no problems, Cox service works well.

But if do have trouble, it can be a nightmare, and sometimes it will last for

Cox thinks that every cable line they have ever laid is 100% perfect,
and any errors in their systems or lines are customer hallucinations.

To be fair, this is true of a lot of broadband providers. I think the primary
problem is that they have far more customers and lines than they have
resources to take care of.

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