[rescue] blue iMac and Verizon DSL

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed May 24 09:24:21 CDT 2006

" From: "Geoffrey S. Mendelson" <gsm at mendelson.com>
" On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 10:11:32PM -0400, Steve Sandau wrote:
" > Oh, and is there anything more interesting to do with this iMac than run 
" >   OS 8 or Linux?
" If it has 128m of ram it will run MacOS 10.3 and with 256 it will run
" 10.4 if you use XPostFacto.

osx likes memory; more is definitely better.  i've had things crash -
like firefox update - and just not launch - like the latest realplayer
- because my osx 10.2.8 beige g3 has only 128M.

" It takes 100mHz SODIMMS (133 will work also) so old laptop memory often
" can be scrounged.

warning will robinson!  danger!

-some- 133MHz sodimms are compatible, some are not.  iirc it's a
question of addressing and/or refresh timing.  check first!
btw anyone here know the mojo for burning an iso image file to a cd-r
on 10.3?  10.2 has 'disk copy' but 10.3 doesn't - and the 10.2 util
doesn't run under 10.3.
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