[rescue] blue iMac and Verizon DSL

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Wed May 24 07:50:05 CDT 2006

Steve asks, quite innocently,
> So why is Verizon telling this poor woman that she can't use
> her iMac? I
   'Cause they're bastards, and liars, to boot.

   I ran a Graphite SE iMac (600 MHz G3) iMac on Verizon DSL for two or
three years, behind a D-Link router. They day I got it I plugged the
not-a-modem right into it and didn't have any problems.

   The reason they might tell her it doesn't work is because setting up
PPOE on a Mac isn't as immediately obvious as, say, plain old DHCP --
but it's certainly possible. (I just forget how I did it...)

   Verizon may reject OS 8/9 out of hand, and well they should: it
sucks. But you can run OS X if you just jam more SO-DIMMs into that
little beast. Rip off its bottom and tear apart its underside to find
the DIMM slots. (It sounds worse than it is -- except for removing and
reattaching what I always thought of as the big Darth Vader face-plate
thing, which *does* make a heck of a noise.)

   I must say that using a cheap-o router as your PPOE front end and
then having it hand out an address via DHCP is the prefered way of
dealing with this. Also, if Verizon's patented St00pid Juice should ooze
down the phone line it will kill the router and spare the Mac!

> Oh, and is there anything more interesting to do with this
> iMac than run OS 8 or Linux?
   Run OS X?

Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Providence, RI

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