[rescue] blue iMac and Verizon DSL

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 23 22:44:51 CDT 2006

>>Sad, but believable from my tech support experience with various 
>>different providers. They do all pretty much assume we are idiots. (And, 
>>I suppose, some of us are...)
>>But what is this WinPoET and MacPoET stuff? Is this PPOE with a 
>>different name? Is it necessary? If a router gets around it, how?
> WinPOET is a PPPoE client for Windows which you have to use if, for any
> reason, you disable the router's PPPoE negotiation and have to set up
> the connection from a Windows box.  MacPOET, I assume, is similar.
> I just hand the job off to pppd on my firewall U5, which is running
> OpenBSD, so my pppd comes with built-in demand-dialling.
Thanks. That is sort of what I thought, but...
>>Sorry for my cluelessness here, but the only DSL connection I have 
>>experience with worked just like any other DHCP connection: configure 
>>the machine for DHCP and plug it in.
> Yeah, that's the good way.  Telcos like PPPoE because it's cheaper and
> easier for *them*.
So, it appears that they handle business DSL and home DSL differently. 
What a surprise.


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