[rescue] blue iMac and Verizon DSL

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 23 22:01:47 CDT 2006

>>I will probably give her a 400MHz Intel box with Win98SE (I have an 
>>unused copy) and give it to her with a 17" monitor so she and her 
>>daughter can use the Verizon connection that they are already paying for.
> I expect that such and Intel box would feel like a significant
> downgrade. 
That may be the case. However, I have available a 400MHz Intel box with 
at least 128MB RAM, and she has never been able to use this Mac (with 32 
MB) on her Verizon connection. I am hoping that more memory and a larger 
monitor will at least let her "break ever" here.
>>Can anyone enlighten me as to what is up with this Verizon deal?
> They are lazy.  Even if MacPoet didn't work nicely, it could have easily
> worked with a small home internet router between the verizon modem and
> the Mac.
>>Oh, and is there anything more interesting to do with this iMac than run 
>>  OS 8 or Linux?
> You could run OS 9.  Depending on the amount of RAM you could even run
> OS X.  Is it tray loading or slot loading?  If you have a tray loading
> model, all units will take up to 384 and some will take 512.  If you do
> run OS X on it, it would benefit from a faster disk drive (perhaps a
> 80-120 gig model with 8 or 16 megs of cache), which I believe is an easy
> upgrade to do. 
This one is tray loading; I guess that means that if she wanted to buy 
OSX for this then it would be supported by Verizon.

I am still trying to make this a no cost exchange, though. What does OSX 


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