[rescue] Sun GT (graphics tower) model 347

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue May 23 20:51:10 CDT 2006

In article <Pine.BSO.4.62.0605231619470.11143 at luvewe.bonch.org>,
    Janet Campbell <janet at foonly.com>  writes:

> It's not quite a stock VME chassis, there are some cooling differences and 
> I thought some additional P2 bus wiring 'twixt slots - we had a prototype 
> though, so I'm not sure if things changed.

There is a connector spanning two cards on the rear of the card cage
that says "pixel bus" -- is this what you're referring to about the
additional P2 bus wiring?

> The host interface was an sbus card with a big wide connector on the back 
> (looks like a wide SCSI connector, but wider). [...]

I don't suppose there's any chance of a part number?
Is this on the list of cards on sunhelp.org?

> There were driver files only for sun4c and sun4m, and only up to Solaris 
> 2.4.  [...]

In other words, I'll need a period sun4 in order to run the thing,
which I kinda expected.  The hard part would be getting the interface
bits -- Sbus card, cabling and driver software.

> less buggy).  It's an interesting bit of history (and cost something over 
> $50k brand new) but it was never a great piece of hardware.

Do you know what year it was produced?  There isn't much
chronology/timeline information on sunhelp.org.

> > Any suggestions on where to dig out more information on this guy?
> Old Sun FE Handbooks, or old Sun FE's.  ;)

Can you tell me which Sun FE Handbook might have information?
"The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline"-- code samples, sample chapter, FAQ:
             Pilgrimage: Utah's annual demoparty

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