[rescue] VME bus Suns?

Per Sandstrom psand at mac.com
Tue May 23 00:21:16 CDT 2006

Janet Campbell wrote:

> for each family.  Of the SPARC CPU boards, the 4/100, 4/200, 4/300 and 
> 4/400 were SPARC V7 (similar to the SparcStation 1 and friends) and the 
> 4/600 was a sun4m SPARC V8 board with sbus slots - essentially a 
> SparcStation 10 on a VME card.

I believe the 4/200 (Sunrise) and 4/100 (Cobra) CPUs were actually SPARC 
V6. Remember they were announced in 1987 and 1988. The floating point 
processor was, in theory, optional. Don't know about 4/300 (Stingray) 
and 4/400 (Sunray) - they may very well have been V7.


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