[rescue] FS: Sparcstation 5 110, U5 270 board

Bryan Gurney arb_npx42 at comcast.net
Sun May 21 15:32:48 CDT 2006

Well, I've decided to go ahead and sell things (or clean house):

$15: Sparcstation 5 110 MHz (local pickup / delivery by myself only; base location: west of Boston between 128/495)

+ 110 MHz MicroSparc
+ 256 MB RAM (max for this system)
+ TurboXGX (CG6) framebuffer
+ 18 GB Maxtor Atlas V hard drive (7200 RPM; bought it from Overstock when I needed a "cheap newish" drive)
+ Sbus 10/100 HME card to supplement the onboard LANCE 10-base port
- NO CD-ROM DRIVE; the case has the 1/3 height 5.25" bay, so if it did have the custom Toshiba drive, it'd be 2X (ouch!)
	I'd be willing to part with an external CD-ROM case with a Toshiba drive (from the U60 I got recently)
	if you need a CD-ROM drive to install an OS
- This is the machine with the RTC that doesn't keep time when powered off.  I don't know why.  It's done this since I first
	picked up this box in summer 2004.  I haven't tried the NVRAM trick yet that was posted earlier in the U60 thread.
	Every time I've powered this box on, it's shown its proper MAC address, and it does keep time just fine when running.

I'll be sure to throw in an extra drive cradle so you can run this thing with two hard drives properly mounted.

Also, I have a spare U5 board that I'd be willing to part with for free.  It's been a year since I powered it on, but it
did show a banner back then.  If I recall correctly, it has a 270 MHz USIIi processor, and 128 MB of RAM.
This is just the board, CPU, and RAM; no case, no drives, no power supply, no fans, no backplane.
This is in a box that could easily be shipped, but only if someone feels it is worth it.
I have some spare time tomorrow so I could plug it in and post the banner as proof that it works.

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