[rescue] Dayton hamfest & leftovers

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sun May 21 10:29:10 CDT 2006

Got back last night (decided that I had enough sunburn for the weekend) 
from selling stuff and picking up a few things... I managed to pick up 
a few neat things, and made plenty off of things I sold to make it a 
worthwhile trip.

Among the things I picked up...

$10 C64 and pair of 1541's for parts
$5 IBM keyboard for an AS/400 terminal (Infowindow II probably)
$100 Sun L1800 tape library - 52 slots with 4 x DLT7000s in it.

Along with the 19M diff SCSI cables I have from an EMC I disassembled, 
that's an off-site backup solution. ;)

I also have left over quite a few Ultra 5s and a couple Ultra 10s that I 
still want to sell off - if anyone is interested in one, lemme know.

Asking price is $15 for a 270MHz U5 (w/ some ram and a hdd) to $40 for a 
400MHz U5 with 256MB ram and 10GB disk with solaris 10 installed (I 
have some 333/360MHz ones too), U10s are all 300/333MHz with 
128MB-256MB ram and a 10GB disk with Solaris 10 installed for $30-$40 
asking price.

If I don't get any responses soon, I'll start posting them on eBay.

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