[rescue] Biggest drives (and SVM) in a U60?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sat May 20 01:36:54 CDT 2006

>> MicroSparc, 256 MB of RAM, an 18 GB Maxtor Atlas 7200 RPM drive, and
>> an incredible knack for not keeping time when it's powered off (the
>> MAC address does show up properly, and it's been like this for as
> I seem to recall that the RTC used in the sun4c series had a bit that
> would disable the clock.

Yes, it does.

> I think the intention was that you'd drop to OpenBoot and stop the
> clock before placing the machine in storage to reduce the drain on
> the battery.

I am inclined to doubt that, because (a) if the clock is stopped the
POST code restarts it and (b) I've yet to find a Sun with anything
predefined to stop the clock.

For them as wants, here's my cheat-sheet of how to stop the clock on
various machine types.  Machine types in [brackets] are ones I
conjecture are correct (I've found it said somewhere, usually) but have
not personally verified.  I usually wrap these inside

: stop-clock ... ;

and stick them in nvramrc, with use-nvramrc? set true.  (This requires
a non-dead battery, of course, but if the battery is dead the question
of stopping the clock on power-off is moot.)

ss4, lx, classic, ss5 [voyager]
	71201000 0 0 map-page
	80 ff8 c!
	80 ff9 c!
	0 ff8 c!
ss1+, ss1, ipx, elc [ss2, ipc, slc]
	02000000 obio 0 map-page
	80 7f8 c!
	80 7f9 c!
	0 7f8 c!
ss20, ss10 [6x0/mp]
	f1201000 f 0 map-page
	80 ff8 c!
	80 ff9 c!
	0 ff8 c!

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