[rescue] Solaris filesystem overview, comparison to HP/IBM

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Fri May 19 23:41:49 CDT 2006

We're about to purchase a few additional Sun systems at $work and I need a 
refresher on Solaris disk/filesystems past and present.  The particular 
application requires Solaris 9 for whatever reason, so I cannot implement 
some of the newer stuff (ZFS) I've read about in Solaris 10.  We'd like to 
end up with a Sol 9 environment with JFS reliability and LVM 
ease-of-management (including online filesystem resizing/expenasion.)

I would appreciate any comparisons you can give to features of IBM AIX (JFS + 
LVM) and HP-UX (vxfs + MirrorDisk/UX + Online JFS) that I am more familiar 
with...  LVM versus slices/md.... JFS versus UFS versus whatever else is 

I remember that Sun added certain features (if not whole products, like Disk 
Suite, no?) to previous Solaris releases... maybe Sol7 or Sol8... and I'm 
curious to fill the voids in my historical knowledge.

If there are gaps in Sol9 that can or are commonly filled by 3rd party 
products (like Veritas), I would appreciate an overview of those, too, and 
how they fit into the picture.  I may or may not have to add them to my 


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