[rescue] SGI files for bankruptcy

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat May 13 14:33:19 CDT 2006

   On Mon, 8 May 2006 Javi Mahai <lefa at ucsc.edu>@ucsc.edu wrote:

> I guess if you force your existing customers to move from 
> [one platform to another], all those customers are gonna 
> review other offerings... since they have been forced to 
> move to begin with.

   Didn't the honchos at DEC commit that same blunder back in 1983?

> This is something that the SGI honchos completelly missed,
> which sort of makes you wonder why they were made honchos
> to begin with.

   Like at DEC.

   I really hate it when history repeats itself needlessly.  One would
have thought we'd have learned SOMETHING by now....

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