[rescue] even larger disks in a SSA

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed May 10 11:40:10 CDT 2006

>>As for the array, 'dd' is still chewing on the 146G drive. No errors
>>yet, but no count of blocks either. I ran it with 'time' in front of it
>>just for grins.
> *chuckle*
> So we'll be getting the results sometime over the next 72 hours?  ;-)

Looks like the whole disk (more or less) is available to the array, if 
the results of dd are anything to go by:

# time dd if=/dev/dsk/c2t5d4s2 of=/dev/null bs=10000k

14259+1 records in
14259+1 records out

real  2:32:15.0
user        0.5
sys     44:21.6

So it would appear that, given sufficient funds and sufficient cooling, 
I could populate my SSA with 146G drives and have over 4TB of storage in 
it. More likely I will just start collecting whatever 4, 9 and 18G 
drives I can find and see what I can put together.


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