[rescue] even larger disks in a SSA

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 9 18:15:49 CDT 2006

>>>>>136G x 30 disks is like 4TB or something. Even if the heat
>>>>>is too much and only half the slots are filled, that is still 2TB.
>>>>>Though, I have to remember that the array <-> machine interface is
>>>>>250MB/sec or so?
>>>>That's 250M *bits*/s, or about 30MB/sec
>>2Gb fiberchannel is about 250MB/sec - slower than U320 SCSI...
> 2TB of slow storage is _still_ 2TB.
> Damn spoiled youngsters!  In my day we had 64k of max program space on 
> the PDP-11/44 and WE LIKED IT!  ;-)

I've not always been spoiled. My first programming was on a PDP-10: 
Fortran IV and assembly language. I'm not even sure we had enough 
storage to measure in *kilo*bytes. ;-)


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