[rescue] even larger disks in a SSA

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 9 18:12:09 CDT 2006

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 May 2006 18:06, Steve Sandau wrote:
>>>>136G x 30 disks is like 4TB or something. Even if the heat
>>>>is too much and only half the slots are filled, that is still 2TB.
>>>>Though, I have to remember that the array <-> machine interface is
>>>>250MB/sec or so?
>>>That's 250M *bits*/s, or about 30MB/sec
> 2Gb fiberchannel is about 250MB/sec - slower than U320 SCSI...

On the upside, 250Mb/sec is still much faster than the NFS mounts I use 
at home over 10Mb ethernet... probably close to the speed I'd see out of 
100Mb ethernet NFS mounts, even...

As for the array, 'dd' is still chewing on the 146G drive. No errors 
yet, but no count of blocks either. I ran it with 'time' in front of it 
just for grins.


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