[rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here

gw gw at citasystems.com
Tue May 9 15:34:15 CDT 2006

I hate being behind the times. Are there any tools for determining what 
libraries (or resources) such executables could make use of?
(Other than running the executeable with a debugger and watching what it 
attempts to open.)
George Wyche

>Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 11:17:16 -0400
>From: Charles Shannon Hendrix <shannon at widomaker.com>
>To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] Sun Kit Needed for EE Student Here
>You do not have to load shared libraries at exec time, so it has become
>popular to have the program decide, AFTER it loads, which libraries to load
>and use.
>See the POSIX dlopen, dlclose, dlerror, dlsym functions for more information.
> Please see the dynamic loading functions for more information. Not
>all shared libraries have compile-time bindings.
>I've dealt with this a lot when building packages for distribution,
>because you can no longer just check what a binary links against 
>to determine what its dependencies are.
>Fortunately, most applications that do this are graceful about it,
>telling you at runtime what is missing, or just silently doing without
>the features provided by the missing libraries.
>For example, if you load Amarok (music player) and it cannot find the
>gstreamer libraries, it will automatically switch to another sound engine, and
>will disable features dependent on gstreamer.
>shannon "AT" widomaker.com [SNIP]

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