[rescue] SSA1xx and "larger" SCSI drives

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon May 8 10:10:25 CDT 2006

I dropped an 18G drive into my SSA100 this morning since there had been 
some discussion about the drive size in an SSA being limited to 9 gigabytes.

The drive in the SSA is reported as 16.00G:
2   backup  wu     0 - 27636     16.00GB  (27637/0/0) 33551318
whereas an 18G drive in my U2 is reported as 16.96G:
2   backup  wm     0 - 12389     16.96GB  (12390/0/0) 35559300

They are not identical drives, since I don't have identical drives handy 
for this experiment. Maybe there is some kind of limitation, but I have 
only tested one drive.

A 4.2G drive shows as 4.00G (same as my Ultra1) and a 9G drive shows up 
as 8.4G. I think that's normal, too.

Now I have to hunt up a 36G drive and see what it tells me. Hmm. We're 
supposed to get six 146G drives soon. Maybe I could borrow one for a few 
minutes and try it out.

Also worth noting (to me at least): the drawers have crosspieces 
(braces) at the top and kind of divide the disk slots in each drawer 
into two pairs and two triples. That makes it look like at least four 
1.6" drives could fit in each drawer.


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