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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sat May 6 23:55:33 CDT 2006

>>> One thing I have found lately is that the quality of the fonts when
>>> KDE is running is making it hard for me to go back to vanilla X
>>> window managers, because they don't have support for that.
>> What window manager you're using really has nothing to do with the
>> fonts (other) applications choose to use.

> I didn't say they did.

> Read again: "because they don't have support for that."

Right.  And?  If the window manager in use affects what fonts
applications use, the window manager has something to do with
application font choice.  This seems almost tautological to me.

It is true that - on reading later messages - your gripe appears to be
more about affecting font rendering rather than font choice.  My
remarks still apply, mutatis mutandis - see below for more.

> Running a vanilla window manager means you don't have a full desktop
> environment,

I don't know what a "full desktop environment" is, but leaving that
term undefined since it doesn't really matter...

> which these days usually includes code to improve font and widget
> rendering.

Sounds as though you're saying that the window manager *does* include
code such as I mentioned (unless you want to get picky about exact
wording, pointing out that I wrote of choice of fonts, not rendering of
the fonts once chosen, in which case I'll get picky right back and
point out that you wrote of quality of fonts rather than quality of

Or am I still missing somkething?

>> Unless, I suppose, the KDE window manager has some private protocol
>> it speaks with applications that has some bearing on fonts, which I
>> suppose is possible but would be truly bizarre.
> No, it is the other parts that come with it that provide support for
> quality font and widget rendering.

Then why not run them alongside a WM more to your taste?

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